Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Hard Times In The City...

...livin' down in New York town.

Today's game is not actually technically over as I type this, but the Royals' offense has gone into shutdown mode since taking a 3-2 lead in the 3rd inning. Now down 6-3 in the 8th, it looks like another loss. Not much new to say about this one. It must be frustrating to be involved with a team like this, when you know the media will ask you the same questions they asked the day before and the day before that. What could Trey Hillman or any player possibly say after today's loss that would be different than yesterday's loss?

On the other hand, today's loss is merely a loss. Not one that sticks with you for days, like yesterday's brutal 12-11 downer. What sticks in my craw the most? Not the pair of blown 4-run leads, not Johnny Damon's 6 hits, not the blown lead in the 9th by the normally unbeatable closer Joakim Soria. No, my craw is stuck by the fact that the Royals' usually inept offense beat up Yankee pitching, especially longtime nemesis Andy Pettitte, for 11 runs. And still lost.

Yesterday was the first time this year the Royals scored 10 runs or more. The mark of a bad team is not being able to match up good hitting and good pitching. For the first 40 games this year, the Royals could not get good hitting to go with the very good pitching they were getting. Then they had a 12-game losing streak in which they could get neither. And finally, the one day they get great hitting, the pitchers (including two of the most reliable ones) could not get outs.

The Royals will attempt to get a split in this four-game series tomorrow. That would be a pretty good result, actually. Unfortunately, the pitching matchup doesn't look that promising--rookie Luke Hochevar against wily vet and longtime Royal-killer Mike Mussina. But hey, at least I have something to listen to at work.

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Anonymous said...

Let's pray they get it together soon - I can not sit through another blown game in the 9th again this season!!