Friday, October 30, 2009

I’ve Just Returned From The Salt, Salt Sea

…and it’s all for the love of thee
(From "House Carpenter," The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3)

I’m still here. Apologies, loyal readers (both of you), I didn’t mean to go so long between posts. I was planning a season wrap-up, but we had a lovely vacation in Florida the week after the season ended. It’s hard to get excited about rehashing a disappointing season when you’re looking at this:

Anyway, after some consideration, I decided against a wrap-up. Personally, this may be the most disappointing season I’ve lived through as a Royals fan, and that’s saying something. Perhaps 2004 is the only one that could rival this one. I suppose 1986 would merit consideration, as would 1990. Of course, back then we expected the Royals to be really good; we weren’t just hoping they could have everything break right and contend in a mediocre division.

Not to appoint myself as Royals historian (Royals Retrospective does a great job of that), but let’s break down the most disappointing seasons in Royals history. Let’s define “disappointing” in regards to preseason expectations—sure, 2005 and 2006 were awful, but I think every Royals fan went into those seasons just hoping not to lose 100 games. And I’ll limit this to seasons since I became a Royals fan—I consider 1983 to be the first year I was really paying attention. But really, the years before that were building a good team, then watching that good team kick AL West butt. Off the top of my head, about the only year in there that would be disappointing would be 1979 (a second-place finish after three straight division titles and Whitey Herzog getting fired).

So here’s the plan: I’ve picked what I consider to be the four other most disappointing seasons in Royals history. I’ll write a separate recap of each season and then put up a poll. I will then petition to remove all vestiges of the most disappointing Royals season ever.

OK, maybe not. But I am interested to find out what you all think. I've also thought up a couple of (I hope) fun features to add for the offseason, and of course if the Royals make any moves this winter, I'll sound off on those, too.

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