Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ain't Talkin', Just Walkin'

...I'll burn that bridge before you can cross.
(From "Ain't Talkin'," Modern Times)

ESPN reports that Jose Guillen is already ready to be traded.

Guillen has a long history of being a butthole. But this has to be a new low. Not even eight months after signing a three-year contract, Guillen apparently can't get along with his manager. Guillen apparently believed Dayton Moore had some magic wand that would make the Royals contenders next year.

Talk about impatient.

One wonders what moves Guillen was expecting in eight months' time that would make KC a contender next year. Perhaps a Jimmy Gobble-for-Johan Santana deal? Maybe Joey Gathright for Josh Hamilton? Tony Pena for Hanley Ramirez?


So Jose feels like promises were not kept? How do you think the Royals feel, Jose?

Here's what Jose said when he was introduced as a new Royal: "I'm excited to be here, excited to be a Royal. I can't wait to get to Spring Training and meet all my teammates. Let's go, Royals. Let's win a championship here. This is a new start."

And: "I got a pretty good chance to be a leader of that team, to be the man there, so why not?"

And: "Wherever they put me, as long as I can drive in some runs that'll be great. I batted third and fourth pretty much the whole year in Seattle. It doesn't matter where [Hillman] is going to put me. It'll work out the right way."

Jose Guillen, by his own admission, showed up for spring training way out of shape. He spent all of April and most of May getting into game shape, had a hot June, and has had a lousy July. Now, two days before the trade deadline, he (presumably through one of his minions) demands a trade and gives the Royals no leverage?

Guess what, Jose? No one feels sorry for you. Take your $12 million, shut up and play. I imagine the Royals can't live with this situation in the clubhouse, but they should not, under any circumstance not involving two top prospects, cave in and trade him now. In the offseason, maybe. Let Jose deal with the boos he will get here at home. If he were in an East Coast city pulling this crap, he'd be dodging batteries. Let Jose deal with his teammates and coaches, who have to be getting sick of this too.

We have to suffer with you, Jose. Now you'll have to suffer with us.

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kcmichelle said...

Ungrateful little bitch. I take back my applause for him when everyone else was booing!

Battery throwing!